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What is the use of end clamp in solar panels?


An end clamp is a component used in solar panel installations to secure the solar module to the mounting rails or frames. They are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel and are designed to hold the solar panels in place by clamping them from the sides. End clamps are installed at the ends of the solar panels, and they are typically used in conjunction with mid clamps, which are placed along the middle sections of the solar panels.

The main purpose of end clamps is to provide a secure and stable attachment point for solar panels mounted onto rails or frames, keeping them from shifting or moving during high winds or inclement weather. They also help to maintain the module's structural integrity by evenly distributing the forces exerted on the panels while allowing for thermal expansion and contraction of the solar panel without damage.

End clamps are an essential component of solar panel installations, providing a safe and secure attachment point for solar panels to the mounting system.

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