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​Tile roof solar panel hook and bracket system


The solar panel bracket is one of the essential components in the solar power generation system. It can be installed on sloped tile roofs, color steel tile roofs, the ground, etc. With extensive experience and mounting systems suitable for a variety of applications, we offer safe and versatile solutions to support solar panel installation on any roof type.

Tile Roof Solar Mounting Solutions

Gangtong Zheli's tile roof solar mounting systems are widely used in commercial and residential solar projects. These brackets are engineered to be compatible with all sizes of solar modules, making them ideal for pitched tile roofs. Our racking systems consist of several standard components including aluminum rail profiles, tile hooks, end and mid-section clamps and other racking accessories.

Features of Tile Roof Hooks

1. Can adapt to various roof slopes.

2. Compatible with a variety of tile roof types.

3. Components are pre-assembled for easy use.

4. Provide adjustable options.

5. Long service life.

6. Flexible and convenient installation.

7. The battery panels can be installed horizontally or vertically.

8. Made of high-quality SUS304 material, with excellent anti-rust properties.

9. Porcelain tile hooks can be customized according to specific tile requirements.

10. Directly produced by the factory to ensure competitive prices.

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